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He was doing better after the first (shock wave) treatment, but then after the second treatment, the owner called me up and said he was running around like a puppy and putting full weight on the leg.

A. Looney, DVM

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Mechanism of Action

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Treatment with VersaTron sound energy technology for various musculoskeletal injuries causing chronic pain and lameness in horses and dogs.

Treatments can be used in combination with or as a substitute for anti-inflammatory drugs, surgical intervention and physical therapy.

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    Shock Wave News

    NEW INDICATION VIDEOS ON OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL - We’ve added Equine Case Study Videos by Indication to our YouTube channel!

    Partners in Veterinary Therapeutics is a consortium of companies offering the latest in products and services to the veterinary market that we are proud to be a founding member of.

    The latest VersaTron4Paws canine case study from Fitzpatrick Referrals in the UK: a damaged tendon as a result of a lab’s active game of football with his owner -- healed with shock wave therapy.