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The only high-energy focused sound wave technology backed by peer-reviewed and published clinical research.


PulseVet’s technology is utilized by more veterinary clinics and universities worldwide.


For over a decade, PulseVet’s technology has been the industry leader in veterinary regenerative medicine.

 Smaller. Faster. More Powerful. Easier to Use.


Equine and Small Animal Therapy

The successor of the VersaTron, the ProPulse, is used for the treatment of over 40 indications in horses and small animals.  PulseVet’s ProPulse high energy sound wave therapy is a non-invasive treatment option for pain and/or lameness.  The ProPulse device has been validated to correspond directly to current VersaTron settings and offers a more modern, user-friendly interface for easy operation.

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Watch PulseVet’s VIRTUAL SHOWCASE that aired live during the AAEP ANNUAL CONVENTION

Tune in for an engaging and informative conversation discussing all matters shock wave! The PulseVet team moderated the discussion; our panel of Special Guests (all veterinary shock wave experts) provided answers. CLICK HERE to access the PulseVet booth and watch the Virtual Showcase!!

Did you miss our livestream webinar with an amazing panel of shock wave experts?     Watch it here now!

Equine Therapy

PulseVet’s clinically-proven sound wave therapy is unlike any other treatment available. With the deepest penetration, VersaTron’s focused shock wave energy is customizable to treat over 20 equine indications. Versatron is the gold standard among top equine veterinarians, surgeons, and clinics worldwide.  

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Small Animal Therapy

For the treatment of over 20 indications in dogs and cats, PulseVet’s Versatron 4 Paws high energy sound wave therapy is a non-invasive treatment option for pain and/or lameness. This innovative therapy is clinically proven to speed healing by stimulating the body’s cellular regeneration process.

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PulseVet is a worldwide leader in regenerative veterinary medicine committed to only the highest standards in quality and innovation. PulseVet’s technology is the trusted source for veterinary partners across the globe. 

Top veterinarians and surgeons know there is only one choice to speed healing when it matters most.

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