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Animal Care Assistance Program

 horse owner

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If you are a rescue/shelter organization or veterinary clinic and you are aware of a horse or dog that may benefit from the latest in proven veterinary modalities, we want to hear from you!!

As part of our Help Us, Heal More Animal Care Assistance Program, PulseVet contributes to the medical care of animals with traumatic injuries/wounds that require access to the latest in veterinary therapies they may not otherwise receive. We frequently work with veterinarians to determine if our technologies can help and offer pro bono treatments, whenever possible. Our VersaTron shock wave sound energy and ProTec Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapies are noninvasive technologies for healing bone fractures, wounds and tendon/ligament injuries. Thousands of horses and dogs have benefited from these therapies.

As part of our Animal Care Assistance Program we will:

– Work with rescue groups and veterinary teams to determine if our technologies can help!

– Cover the cost of our treatments (i.e. shock wave pulses used/PRP kits used) and veterinary stipend, as necessary*

*Fees for travel, office visit/farm call, sedation, etc. are not included and are the responsibility of the veterinarian and/or rescue group, owner, etc.

Organizations/individuals participating in the program may be asked prior to treatments if treatment photos and/or video, testimonials, etc. may be taken and used for future promotional efforts. PulseVet agrees to only use materials if rescue group and veterinarian provide approval.

For more information, contact us.