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PulseVet is dedicated to the veterinary industry because we are animal lovers who are passionate about what we do.  We love hearing testimonials about how our VersaTron shock wave technology has made a positive impact on the lives of so many animals and the owners that care for them.  Here’s a story we recently received about Cosmo:

“Cosmo is a 9 year old, 120 lb American Bull Dog that is very much loved! About 5 years ago Cosmo tore his ACL. Surgery was done and for the most part he has done well up until about a month ago. He ended up tearing the ACL in the opposite leg, just from bearing more weight on his “good” leg for so long.

We were faced with a very difficult decision. What should we do?

With his age we really didn’t feel it was fair to put him through another long, and extensive surgery with such a long recovery time. I didn’t want to load him up on pain medications due to the side effects, and because he already has some liver issues as it is. We certainly didn’t want to euthanize him, but we didn’t want him to suffer and be in constant pain.

I am a licensed veterinary technician and we have a shock wave machine in our practice. One of PulseVet’s reps, Trudy Gage, was going to be coming into the clinic to work on a patient we have in the hospital with some extensive injuries, so we shock waved Cosmo that day too!!! We shock waved his hips, his back, and both stifles, even the one with the plate in it from the prior surgery!

I expected him to be quite sore afterwards to be honest. To my surprise it was the exact opposite! My dog who I have NEVER had to work at keeping quiet and calm had proved me wrong! He felt like a new doggie! I am so glad that I was given this opportunity! I am proud to say it has been 2 months since the first shock wave treatment and I haven’t had to give him any pain medications!

We are definitely going to follow up with the rest of his treatments and keep moving forward! I definitely recommend the Shock wave treatments!!!”

Thank you to Bronson Veterinary Services in Coldwater, Michigan for sharing!

More information about ACLs and other indications can be found on our website here.