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PulseVet’s® Extracorporeal Shock Wave Technology (ESWT) was the first such system introduced for musculoskeletal veterinary applications in 1999 with the EquiTron® device.  PulseVet® has remained the market, quality and technological leader in the ESWT veterinary field with its next generation systems—the VersaTron® device for equine use and the VersaTron® 4 Paws for canine patients.

PulseVet’s shock wave devices utilize high-energy, focused, electrohydraulic technology, which is the only type of ESWT that produces true shock waves at all energy settings.  The VersaTron® system is the most studied of all pulsed energy systems in the veterinary field, and we count the thought leaders in the field among our many satisfied users and clinician partners.

PulseVet’s ProTec™ family of PRP products provide an equally important and innovative technology to the veterinary field.  It is the brand of choice in the human market because of its unique ability to offer pure, protected platelets to the site of injury.  Yet it is an extremely consistent and easy system to use.

PulseVet® is committed to providing education with all its veterinary products and applications, and supports ongoing clinical research to provide evidence of the safety and efficacy of the technology for a growing variety of indications in veterinary medicine.