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VersaTron® shock wave device is often imitated, but remains unmatched in clinical research, quality, and effectiveness in the treatment of over 20 equine indications. VersaTron® generates the highest peak pressure (energy) of any system with the largest focal volume, ideal for treating deep orthopedic conditions in horses. The focused energy increases blood supply to the treated area, resulting in tissue regeneration in tendons, joints, and bone.

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VersaTron® is the leading shock wave technology with more than a decade of clinical research validating its efficacy and application. Based on the qualified research, most insurance companies allow up to 3 treatments for a given indication.

VersaTron® is used at more veterinary universities and clinics worldwide. It is also the Official Shock Wave technology of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). In partnership with our veterinarians and clinics, PulseVet is committed to ongoing research to discover new indications and treatment opportunities.

Using various sizes of trodes and energy settings on the device, VersaTron® allows for customized penetration depths up to 110 mm, deeper than any other device. The treatment can be modified to treat a chronic wound, suspensory ligament, or a sore back.

VersaTron® is a superior technology providing years of reliable service and support. Only a handful of treatments per month cover the monthly cost of the device. Ongoing growth potential is backed by our investment of time and resources for your success.

PulseVet is committed to providing the very best service and ongoing support for its veterinary partners. Our marketing department’s global outreach campaigns inform horse owners of the benefits of the technology through education campaigns and client information forums. PulseVet also provides training for vets and staff on treatment application and revenue growth opportunities.

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