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Platelet What?  Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a liquid product created by extracting key healing components from a patient’s blood.  The blood is drawn into a sterile tube placed in a centrifuge, which spins the blood at a specific speed for a specific time to separate the various blood components.  Red and white blood cells are separated from the plasma and platelets, which are rich with healing proteins called ‘growth factors’.  Using the sterile needle the PRP is injected into the wound or injury.  The idea is to use the animal’s own blood to distribute healing growth factors to an injury to stimulate recovery and to accelerate and optimize the healing process.

PRP is recommended for the management of a variety of musculoskeletal disorders that can cause pain and lameness in animals. Typically these injuries will not heal quickly due to the lack of blood supply running to the injured areas.  Growth factors can help increase the local blood supply, which is one of the ways that PRP is beneficial to accelerate healing.  PRP can also be used in conjunction with PulseVet’s very own VersaTron high-energy shock wave therapy system to compound the beneficial effects of both modalities.  PRP is very useful in any indication where faster healing, increased tissue strength, and reduced scarring is desired.  Joint injuries, tendon/ligament injuries, and wound healing are all situations where PRP could be used.

PulseVet’s 5 step PRP system, ProTec, is simple and consistent while ensuring full removal of undesirable white and red blood cells.  This closed system maintains a sterile environment during the entire process.  The ProTec centrifuge is small and portable, allowing treatments to be performed in the field without the delay of processing in a separate laboratory or clinic

This technology is well proven and is made and used in humans the same way it is for veterinary patients.  Humans often use PRP to treat ACL repair, accelerate bone healing, meniscus and rotator cuff tears, etc., and has been successfully used in many notable athletes, including golfer Tiger Woods, basketball player Kobe Bryant, and tennis player Rafael Nadal. 

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