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NSBA Show-Trudy


Post NSBA World Show

PulseVet’s rep, Trudy Gage, had a great time at the NSBA World Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trudy took with her PulseVet’s latest electrohydraulic shock wave device, the ProPulse. VersaTron shock wave was being offered by some of the best veterinarians in the business such as Game Time Sports Medicine, Hassinger Equine Sports Medicine, and the Equine Sports Medicine Trailer.  

Dr. Josh Blyden reported that shock wave is a great noninvasive modality that has a lower risk.  The efficacy of shock wave shows up often in backs!  Before the horses were being treated, they would have a dramatic drop out from under them due to pain, and post shock wave allowed them to be less sensitive to the touch.

Top trainers understand the benefit of PulseVet’s electrohydraulic shock wave therapy.  The top show horses are using the top veterinarians, many of which have partnered with PulseVet to offer the gold standard in shock wave therapy.

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PulseVet would like to congratulate John Lorton and BSB Quarter Horses on their many successes at the NSBA world show!