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Canine Research

Post-TPLO Weight Bearing improves with use of Shock Wave

A Louisiana State University study concludes that weight bearing increased and short-term limb use improved in dogs treated with shock wave therapy post-TPLO.


Colorado State Bone Healing

Following TPLO surgery dogs treated with shock wave healed 14 days faster than untreated dogs, at 4 weeks after surgery the treated dogs were healing significantly faster than untreated dogs, and 8 weeks post surgery all dogs were fully healed compared to only half of untreated dogs.


Surgical Group for Animals-LS

More than 75% of pets experienced improvement following a single high energy sound wave treatment with effects lasting an average of 13 months or longer.


Shock Wave and Patellar Ligament Desmitis Post TPLO

There was a significant reduction in distal ligament thickness following sound wave treatment after TPLO surgery.


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Treatment Case Studies: Series 1

Shock Wave and Elbow OA

In elbow osteoarthritis cases there was a 4.5% increase in peak vertical force following treatment compared with a decrease of 2.6% in the untreated group.


Shock Wave and Shoulder-related Lameness

In shoulder lameness cases 88% of treated dogs showed improvement.


Barnes LSU VetSurg Sept 2019 ESWT improves short term limb use after canine TPLOShock Wave and Shoulder Injuries

Shock wave shows positive outcomes for both short term and long term results for supraspinatus and biceps tendinopathies.


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