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F.M. Duerr, R.H. Palmer, et al. Colorado State University

  • Randomized, blinded clinical study to evaluate the role of Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) in accelerating bone healing in CCL patients undergoing a TPLO surgery
  • 12 client-owned dogs (13 stifles) underwent TPLO

  • SWT group received 2 treatments of shock wave focused at osteotomy site – immediately post-operatively and at the time of suture removal (VersaTron®4Paws; 1,000 shocks on E6 for each treatment. 500 shocks each with the 5mm and 20mm trodes applied to the caudomedial/craniolateral aspect, respectively)


  • Dogs treated with shock wave healed weeks faster than non-treated dogs
  • At 4 weeks, SWT dogs were healing significantly faster than non-treated dogs and by 8 weeks, all SWT dogs had healed osteotomies while less than half of the sham dogs were considered healed

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