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Rockstar PulseVet

Dr. Chris Ray

DVM, RideTV-Rockstar Vets

“Diesel is now able to play and go for walks and some days he overdoes it trying to keep up with the puppy, but he’s happy! He is pain-free! He can be a dog again…”

K. Dietz

Dog Owner in Wisconsin

“My 20-year old Irish Sport horse suffered a suspensory injury last August coming off of a large jump. After only a few sessions of shock wave we are now trotting! We are ahead of the vet’s prediction by about 3-4 months!”


Horse Owner From Illinois

Dr. Carolina Medina


“About 80 percent of animals show marked improvement post treatment. There are no negative side effects as one might experience with surgery or drug therapy.”

Dr. Jeffrey Smith

former President, California Veterinary Medical Association, of Middletown Animal Hospital in Middletown, CA

“Our studies show that about 70 to 80 percent of dogs have a positive, measurable response to PulseVet’s shock wave therapy.”

Dr. Darryl Millis

Orthopedic Surgical Specialist, Dept. of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Tennessee