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Equine Veterinary Tip Cards

Osteochondrosis (OC) – Tips for Diagnosing and Treating OC Lesions

by Reese Hand, DVM, DACVS Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery, Texas


Download Dr. Hand’s Tip Card on Treating Osteochondrosis (OC)

Tip Card Contents:

  • Radiographs for young horses with OC lesions
  • Shock wave for OC lesions of stifle, hock, & fetlock
  • Treatment protocols


Back to Work – Tips for Diagnosing and Treating Equine Back Conditions

by Kent Allen, DVM Virginia Equine Imaging, Virginia


Download Dr. Allen’s Tip Card on Treating Backs

Tip Card Contents:

  • Visual Inspection and Moving Evaluation tips
  • Debunking myths about treating back conditions
  • Recommendations for treating thoracolumbar pain with shock wave

Back to Work PuleVet Propule Veratron

Foot Lameness – Tips for Diagnosing and Treating Foot Maladies

by Tracy Turner, DVM, MS, DACVS Anoka Equine Veterinary Services, Minnesota


Download Dr. Turner’s Tip Card on Treating Feet

Tip Card Contents:

  • Suggestions for getting the right ultrasound image
  • What conditions can be treated with shock wave
  • Preparation and post-treatment protocols

Foot Lameness PuleVet Propusle Veratron